International Services


IPRS International focus is to bring our specialised and experienced services in repairing / over-coating pre-painted and coil coated related materials into the International market place. To date, IPRS Limited have received enquiries from Austrailia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Spain, France, Germany etc.

Following on from such International enquiries our plan is to open a European office in 2012 and market our company across a broader spectrum who place a strong emphasis on performance, quality, teamwork and a “hands-on” management approach to ensure client satisfaction. We take our quality, safety and environmental responsibilities extremely seriously and pride ourselves on our standards.

Our knowledge and skills are augmented by the approval of panel manufacturers such as Kingspan, Tegral, Eurobond, Euroclad, PAROC, AME.

IPRS Limited can offer our Clients and building owners a stress free coating refurbishment solution in preventing considerable disruption to production and the workplace. The business operation can continue within the onfines of the building during the over-coating operation. IPRS Limited develop a good understanding with all our clients of the potential problems but with detailed planning and choice of materials to suit each specific environment requirement all difficulties can be overcome.

The coating repair systems are installed by IPRS Limited certified staff, who are trained in the aspects of application methods, protection, Health & Safety, risk assessment and good on-site conduct. Our management team will arrange to fit in with any production or construction schedule, following a site visit to plan the work and to confirmthe specification.


Case Study


Primark, Hanover, Germany

  • Construction Date: 2017
  •  Location: Hanover, Germany
  •  Contracting Investor: Primark
  •  Category: External Cladding Repair

IPRS Limited has recently completed a major facde refurbishment upgrade on the new Primark Building in Hannover, Germany. The works included chemically cleaning, repairing damaged and re-coating over aged stained anodised cladding.







National Veterans Memorial Museum

Curtin walling damaged in transport. Specific colour match needed  full survey carried out. Exact match obtained by our specialist paint supplier.

Crew flew out, repaired, respray and certified all panels as per clients requirements