MASCOAT is changing the way facility, designers, owners and managers meet their unique insulation challenges. Backed by their comprehensive product warranty, each science-based coating is superior and an application-specific alternative to conventional insulation.

The MASCOAT products are designed to protect both equipment and personnel from heat and noise. The specialized coatings are useful for a broad range of industries and applications. Each coating is eco-friendly, contains low VOCs and is significantly thinner than conventional blanket insulation, which is easy to use around pipes, in crevices and in other hard to reach spaces. The various coating application benefits include:

It is IPRS’s responsibility to distribute, control and apply all MASCOAT Coatings to ensure correct technical and aesthetic product application under the strict guidelines/training provided by MASCOAT.

How does the coating work ?

MASCOAT applies the common physics of reflectivity, conduction, emissivity and absorpstance.

When heat is generated, thermal dynamic heat transfer (TDHT) begins. During TDHT, molecules try to reach equilibrium. This means that if one surface is hotter than another, the substrates will try to “equalize,” or meet the same temperature. This process can be problematic for commercial and industrial environments, since it causes a build up of unwanted facility and exterior equipment heat. It also leads to a loss of vital energy used during manufacturing processes. The result? Reduced manufacturing efficiency, higher utility bills and dangerously hot working conditions.

MASCOAT microscopic particle structure reflects a high percentage of the radiant heat gain back to the environment from which it originated. Each ceramic particle encapsulates air, thereby offering a slow path of thermal transfer. This high content of entrapped and stagnant air blocks thermal transfer very efficiently. In addition, the coating’s low emissivity allows for low heat flux.

The combination of these factors allows for total thermal dissipation across the surface of the coating. The unique composition of the coating makes it extremely efficient for its thickness and prevents substrates from gaining heat, making the surfaces cooler to the touch.


Application Uses

Exterior, Interiors, Roof tops, Boliers, Piping / Ducting / Steamlines, Tanks, Cookers, Pressure Valves, Heat Exchangers / Heaters, Electrical Processor Units, Vats, Ventilation / Extraction /HVAC Systems, And endless more applications.

Individual Coatings For Individual Applications


The Mascoat Industrial coating family is a versatile product line ideal for a range of industrial applications. These coatings are designed to thermally insulate, prevent Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), provide energy savings and protect personnel from burns and heat-related injuries.


Offering superior protection for the harsh marine environment, the Mascoat Marine product line includes composite ceramic coatings designed for thermal insulation, condensation protection and improved vessel longevity.

Sound Control

Designed to protect personnel from vibration and substrate-transmitted noise, Mascoat’s Sound Control product line is one of the lightest and rapidly-applied sound damping solutions on the market. This family of coatings is proven to dampen sound and reduce the effects of mechanical noise.


Mascoat WeatherBloc products are ceramic coatings created specifically for building and interior insulation. Applying Mascoat’s weather-resistant coatings are an affordable way to reduce energy use, stabilize indoor climate and improve internal comfort.


The Mascoat Transportation family was developed to lower heat and sound transfer in large, OEM vehicles. Our transportation products reduce solar/engine heat gain, dampen annoying vibrations and stabilize interior cabin and cargo temperatures.

IPRS Limited can offer our Clients and building owners a stress free coating refurbishment solution in preventing considerable disruption to production and the workplace. The business operation can continue within the confines of the building during the over-coating operation. IPRS Limited develop a good understanding with all our clients of the potential problems but with detailed planning and choice of materials to suit each specific environment requirement all difficulties can be overcome.

The MASCOAT coating systems can be supplied for self installation or installed by IPRS Limited certified staff, who are trained in the aspects of application methods, protection, Health & Safety, risk assessment and good on-site conduct.

Our management team will arrange to fit in with any production or construction schedule, following a site visit to plan the work and to confirm the specification. A free survey, sample pack and full specification service are available upon request.

IPRS Limited will also evaluate and assess costs, durability of new coating system, guarantee and each building owners tailored needs.

All technical information, references and case studies are available at our Head Office.

For further information and sales enquiries contact us.