IPRS Limited offer our Clients stress free coating refurbishment solutions, coating testing / reporting and consultancy to all types of Architectural, Industrial, Marine & Protective coatings and all project managed by one company.

IPRS Limited are approved specialist contractors & consultants, for all of our recommended coating systems, by each individual manufacturer. Our certified staff are trained in the aspects of application methods, protection, Health & Safety, risk assessment and good on-site conduct, which highlights our quality in the successful painting and refurbishment of large structures such as bridges, tank farms and other surfaces that requires specialist technical knowledge, application skills and project management capabilities.

Providing we do not already have a solution to suit a client’s requirement, IPRS will undertake extensive research to provide cost effective solutions tailored to meet each client’s individual circumstance. Through daily research & development IPRS continually invest in the specialised training to perform a wide variety of coating applications, which  provides clients with clear advantages in project planning, control and cost, effective safety, quality and contract monitoring systems ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Substrates & Structures

IPRS provide coating refurbishment solutions for Bridges and other waterway structures, marine environment, tank farms, petrochemical plants, wind farms, railway infrastructure, offshore facilities and many more activities available through extensive research & development.


• Ferrous materials i.e. non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrates such as plastic, galvanising, enamel, powder paint, chrome and other coatings.
• Non-Ferrous materials i.e. non-magnetic coatings on non-magnetic substrates such as anodising, plastic coatings, powder paint, aluminium, brass,
stainless steel etc.
• Concrete, brickwork & Plasterwork.
• All types of metalwork & steelwork.

Blasting & Preparation Services

IPRS provide a variety of Blast cleaning and preparation services, which are effective for removing defective coatings and a variety of surface contaminants or defects.  We can perform a variety of high-pressure water cleaning procedures, which reduces the dust associated with conventional abrasive blasting and offers an environmentally friendly option thus reducing the costs associated with hazardous waste disposal.

Preparation Systems:

• Conventional Abrasive Blasting.
• Vacum Blasting.
• High pressure water cleaning.
• Ultra high pressure water cleaning.
• Slurry blasting.
• Dry Ice blasting.


Coating Services

Our alliance with specialist coating consultants / highly skilled specialised contractors and innovative manufacturers allow IPRS to provide the optimum coating solution package to our clients for all of their requirements in the area of specialised coatings i.e. Architectural & Industrial / Protective coatings.  IPRS management solutions include pre-survey work, coatings specification, surface preparation, high quality coating systems application, on-site testing and provision of final handover documentation / certificates.

Coating Systems:

• Internal & External Cladding Coating systems.
• Clean Room Coating Systems.
• Food Industry Coating Systems.
• Tank Lining Coating Systems.
• Intumescent Coating Systems
• Fireproofing
• Concrete protection
• Brickwork & Blockwork protection.
• Containment and secondary containment coating
• Chemical resistant, non-slip floor coating applications
• General Maintenance Painting.
• Increase design life of pre-formed galvanised purlins and structural portal framework.

Access, Containment, Encapsulation & Protection

IPRS Limited have gained significant experience with access, containment, encapsulation & protection systems across a wide spectrum of projects in a variety of different market sectors over the past ten years. The implementation of fume & dust containment systems within a clean-room environment to prevent emissions escaping in high risk locations has placed IPRS as the market leader for carrying out specialised coating works within such industries as the Pharmaceutical Sector.
Through research & development IPRS has utilised our experience and knowledge in designing and providing the most adequate equipment / structures for the environmental containment on any project ranging from tanks, to bridges, to clean-rooms, to food industry environments and many more applications.

Types of Systems:

• MEWP and all types of specialised scaffolding access.
• Abseil access.
• Asbestos roof specialised access systems.
• Temporary fall arrest systems.
• Encapsulation systems.
• Specialised dust / fume extraction and containment systems.
• Temporary air tight protection screens.

Technical & Quality Control Support

IPRS will provide at the out-set of each project a specific Quality & Technical Control Document tailored to suit each client’s individual needs, which will comprise of the following documentation as a minimum and will be added too where required:

• Coatings surveys and technical analysis.
• Coatings specification research & development.
• Environmental research & development.
• Health & Safety and hazard documentation.
• Testing requirements and standards.
• Project description and requirements.

Health & Safety & Environmental

IPRS will provide at the out-set and during each project a specific Health & Safety and Environmental Control Document tailored to suit each client’s individual needs, which will comprise of the following documentation as a minimum and will be added too where required:

• Approved training courses and certificates.
• Development of method statements.
• Provision of site specific risk assessments.
• Provision of safety plans.
• MSDS & COSSH sheets for proposed materials.
• Safety site audits.
• Safety inspections & tool box talks by qualified personnel.

The highest health and safety standards are maintained on all IPRS managed projects.

Project management

IPRS will provide and ensure the reliable availability of all planning data, specifications, testing and client reports by means of the following:

• Pre-Award Meeting.
• Kick-off Meeting.
• Site Establishment Meeting.
• Performance Meetings.
• Progress Meeting.
• Close out Meeting.

We will provide cost effective design solutions to meet the technical requirements of a wide range of projects in all sectors.


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