Cladding Repainting

The performance of cladding coating systems are generally defined by the Minimum Period to Re-Paint Decision. This is the length of time before a building owner needs to consider will the cladding require re-painting.
Cladding coating systems are manufacturerd with extremely high performance expectations. All products used for exterior applications are designed to withstand the environment but can degrade over time by means of the following main factors:

  • Sunlight
  • Chemicals & pollutants
  • Water, oxygen and salts.
  • Wind-blown sand and salts

They can deteriorate and become defective as a result of additional external forces such as:

  • Age of coating system.
  • Coating damage during installation
  • Coastal Locations.
  • Urban Locations.
  • Industrial Pollution.
  • Environmental Pollution.
  • Climatic Changes.
  • Maintenance over the lifetime of the system.
Cladding Repainting
Typical Coating adhesion failure on external cladding
Cladding adhesion anti corrosion
Typical Coating adhesion failure on external cladding
Cladding Recoating
Typical coating adhesion failure on internal cladding
Cladding Maintenance
Typical coating adhesion failure on roof cladding

When the barrier properties of such coatings breakdown it can lead to corrosion of the under lying substrate. Unfortunately, corrosion rate data cannot be generalised due to the variations in atmospheric environments.

Evidence of corrosion on roof cladding following coating adhesion failure and substrate not re-protected

Over-paint solutions are available, designed and tailored by IPRS Limited to suit each client’s requirements for aged cladding systems. The correct choice of a coating system can restore their appearance and significantly extend the building life.

IPRS Limited has gained vast experience over the past ten years in the refurbishment and restoration of buildings and improving their performance, specification and aesthetics.

We can offer our Clients and building owners a stress free refurbishment solution in preventing considerable disruption to production and the workplace. The business operation can continue within the confines of the building during the over-coating operation. IPRS Limited develop a good understanding with all our clients of the potential problems but with detailed planning and choice of materials to suit each specific environment requirement all difficulties can be overcome.

IPRS Limited will also evaluate and assess costs, durability of new coating system, guarantee and each building owners tailored needs.

The quality of an over-coating solution and its longevity is influenced by the way in which it is installed. IPRS Limited workmanship, quality and adherence to manufacturer’s guidelines is clearly defined by our approval of household names like such as Kingspan Ltd., Spanwall Ltd., Corus Ltd., Arcelor Mittal, Joriside etc.

The main types of over-painting solutions are:

  • Painting over existing coated surfaces with minimal damage to the existing exterior surface, which may require a major upgrade or change of colour.
  • Painting over existing coated surfaces with degree of adhesion failure and evidence of corrosion, which may require a major upgrade, change of colour or extension on the lifetime for the cladding system.
  • Stripping & painting previously coated surfaces, which require a major upgrade to extend the lifetime of the cladding system.

We offer stripping techniques such as paint remover, slurry blasting, sand blasting, hydro blasting etc. in considering our client’s requirements and environmental impact.

The following pictures details a cladding system with an aged coating suffering from adhesion failure before removal, during and after application of new system to extend the building life by 10-15 years.

Cladding Over Painting - Before

Building Elevation prior to over-painting solution

Cladding Over Painting - mid process

Building Elevation during stripping procedure

Cladding Over Painting After

Building Elevation following application of new coating system