OPW Wexford

Flat roof remedial works. 15 year old Trocal flat roof membrane, end of lifespan, numerous vulnerabilities noted. Proposed Flexitec flat roof flexible solution.

The Flexitec 2020 System by Res-Tec is a flexible, single resin GRP system with full overlay and new deck capabilities. Combining the best elements of fibreglass with the versatility of overlay systems, no other flat roof solution performs at this level across so many applications. The illustration below shows a typical installation:

Key Benefits

  • Can be applied to almost any roof surface including felt, asphalt, concrete, GRP, PVC single-ply, OSB3 TG4 and metals
  • Totally seamless and highly flexible membrane that is suitable for any size or shape roof
  • Fully fire tested achieving BS 476-3 Rating: F.AA and EN 13501-5(4) Rating: BROOF(t4) – the highest rating a flat roof system can achieve and allowing for unrestricted use under UK regs.
  • LABC Registered Detail certified (Cert No.EW1000), ensuring compliance with latest building regs.
  • Highly resistant to rainfall – once consolidated, the resin will cure through – no more scraping off uncured resins!
  • Can be applied in one coat (10 year repair system)* or two coats (20 year roofing system)
  • Extremely rapid installation with walk-on times of 30-60 minutes
  • Uses 225g/m2 fibreglass CSM for even application and an extra tough membrane that lasts decades
  • Installations by trained installers are supported by Res-Tec’s trusted 20 year materials guarantee (Full two coat applications only)
  • Anti-slip finish available for balconies and walkways  Suitable for application in temperatures as low as 1°C (with accelerator) or as high as 30°C
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards for consistent quality
  • Cold applied for maximum safety – no risks from open flames and other hot works
  • Single resin system that can be repaired / overcoated without grinding down