Thermal Insulation Coatings – Mascoat

IPRS Ltd are proud to be authorized installers of Mascoat. Mascoat is the global leader in thermal insulating coatings and sound control solutions. Our coatings are uniquely engineered and manufactured in-house to fulfill market-specific needs, enhance energy retention, eliminate CUI and protect personnel. We work with customers in a variety of industries, from marine to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Mascoat Industrial is a line of coatings that can be applied on many different pieces of equipment and machinery in any number of environments and facilities. These coatings are designed to thermally insulate, prevent Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), provide energy savings and protect personnel from burns and heat-related injuries.

Used alone or together (in special circumstances), the Mascoat Industrial line of insulating coatings is able to solve many problems prevalent throughout an industrial facility, from food processing to chemical refining. A few other industrial applications that benefit from Mascoat coatings include:

  • Textile plants
  • Paper mills
  • Asphalt suppliers
  • Petroleum refining
  • Sugar mills
  • Storage tanks
  • Transfer pipelines
  • Big Pharma

Mascoat Industrial-DTI is designed to be a multi-purpose coating, providing insulation and solving corrosion under insulation issues. This industrial thermal insulation coating product fulfills niche market areas of temperatures under 375°F on all types of substrates.

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