Food Safe, Coldstore & Refrigerator Panel / Coating Repairs.

IPRS Limited has carried out repairs and applied coating systems to Food safe, Coldstore, Refrigerator surfaces in all sectors of the
Food Processing and Manufacturing Industry over the past ten years.

The company carries out the following in-situ repairs to all coated / un-coated metal substrates and applies coating systems to damage
areas to avoid creating a habitat that could support a bacteria, mould and algae spore outbreak:

  • Indentations to wall / ceiling cladding, doors & flashings.
  • Perforations to wall / ceiling cladding, doors & flashings.
  • Refurbishment & rejuvenation of existing aged coated surfaces.
  • Stripping existing defective coatings & re-applying new client specific tailored system.
  • Application of Inducoat Waterbase Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Microbial coatings systems. (see Inducoat section under services)
Typical Indentation 1
Typical Indentation 2
Typical Panel – Various Indentations

Typical Screw Holes – Socket Removed

Typical Crease Damage
Typical Perforation 1
Typical Panel – Various Perforations

Start of coating breakdown

The Food industry facilities have to meet strict auditing requirements and guidelines from their customers and the Department of Agriculture.
The magnitude of the impact of micro-organisms is recently recognised by the World Health & Safety Organization. The awareness of the
health risks of bacteria such as E.Coli, Salmonella etc. is high and IPRS’s contribution & dedication by providing coating repair solutions to
minimise these risks is strongly connected to our attention for health improvement and welfare.

IPRS designs, procures, supplies and installs special coating programmes specifically tailored to individual clients requirements in controlled
environments taking into account the following criteria:

  • Provision of V