“IPRS Limited is an approved Qualified Applicator for POLYROOF protective coatings. It is our responsibility to control, ensure correct technical and aesthetic product application in accordance with the strict guidelines / training provided by POLYROOF”

1) Protection Coat
2) Embedment Coat
3) Mat Reinforcement
4) Embedment Coat
5) Existing Prepared Substrate

PolyroofPolyroof is one of the market leaders for in-situ fibreglass roofing system. Developed exclusively with Europe’s largest polyester resin producer and technology leader, Polyroof is based on specially developed flexi-resins that fuse together with the reinforcement to form a tough, impervious skin, which is applied to new or existing roofs substrates.

Some ten million square metres have been laid in domestic, commercial and industrial applications since the product was first launched. It is widely acknowledged by professional specifiers as a quality benchmark and is specified for refurbishment and new build by Housing Associations, Architectural Practices and Local Authorities.

Overlay systems such as Polyroof offer an alternative to the complete replacement of existing flat roofs. The principal advantage of this is to minimise disruption and, in the majority of cases, keep the building fully operational during the refurbishment.

An overlay system is usually considered when the existing roof covering is showing early signs of breakdown. This, for example, could be a felt roof where bubbles or blisters are starting to appear, or a single ply or gutter installation where seams or joints are beginning to fail.

We recommend that a site survey is carried out by Polyroof Technical Services if there is any doubt about the condition of the existing substrate. Existing detailing is also usually retained, but new detailing can also be integrated into the system if required.

Key Characteristics of Polyroof Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems


Seamless Cold applied membrane Eliminates fire hazards / inconvenience of using hot applied systems.
Complete composite roofing solution For all types of Warm or Cold roof specifications such as Asbestos, Bitumen, Concrete, Felt, Trocal etc.
Applied to existing substrate new build Roofs can be safely refurbished without risk or refurbishment or disruption
Waterproof  Prevents water from entering the structure
Joint Free Encapsulates the roof with a complete seamless coating, which eliminates the risk of leakages
High elasticity Withstands regular foot traffic and roof movements without splitting or shearing.
High film strength Impact resistant & vandal resistant with tough, durable long-lasting membranes.
UV Stable Enables the systems to resist all types of weather conditions
30 year durability rated by the BBA
10-25 year insurance backed guarantee





Elastex is a cost-effective single pack reinforced polyurethane overlay system that is ideal for extending the life of existing roofs and gutters. This tough membrane provides a resilient long lasting barrier to water penetration and is resistant to UV degradation. The toughness and flexibility of the system easily accommodates normal surface movement and it is also resistant to occasional
foot traffic.

Recommended Uses for Existing

Direct overlap application to:

1. Flat & Low Pitched Roof Applications
2. Asphalt
3. Built-up Felt (Existing)
4. Single Ply PVC Membranes
5. Lead Sheeting
6. Coated roofs
7. Solar reflective
8. Liquid applied polyurethanes and GRP
9. Gutter refurbishment
10. Galvanised Metal Gutters
11. Concrete Gutters
12. Asbestos Gutters

Typical Details:




Protec is a cost-effective, fast curing polyester roofing system that is ideal for a wide range of refurbishment and new build applications. The system is cold applied and fully reinforced providing a tough yet highly flexible seamless membrane. The system rapidly becomes weather resistant allowing fast access in situations where foot traffic is required. The ease of application of the system enables effective waterproofing over complex or awkward detailing such as protrusions and plant.

Where required, insulation can be provided in conjunction with the system to offer improved thermal performance for projects that demand the highest requirements in energy efficiency. The system is also highly effective for use in inverted or green roof situations, which offer a wide range of environmental benefits.

For balconies and walkway applications the system is finished with PolyFinish MMA, a tough impact resistant yet flexible methyl methacrylate-based finishing coat. Used in conjunction with quartz sand aggregate, it has been specially developed to impart a highly wear resistant, anti-slip finish to the Protec system.

Recommended Uses for New & Existing

1. Direct overlap application – to a variety of substrates, including built-up felt, concrete, asphalt, plywood and many single-ply membranes .

2. Thermal upgrades  – Protec is the ideal system for warm roof applications and is equally suited for both new build and refurbishments to ensure the roof achieves the required U-value in accordance with current building regulations standards.

3. Inverted Roofs   – Suitable for new build or refurbishment projects to Inverted roof applications where the waterproofing layer is applied directly to the structural deck. Decks should be capable of accepting the loading of ballast. Inverted roofs have the advantage of keeping the waterproofing membrane protected at all times and also and eliminate the need for mechanical fixings.

4. Foot Traffic   – Protec is designed to accept either maintenance or regular foot traffic depending on the specification required. The Protec system is available in a number of variants depending on the level of foot traffic anticipated.

5. Lead & Copper Reproduction – Protec lead roll finish is used on new build or Refurbishment projects to reproduce the look of lead at lower cost whilst also removing the risk of theft. The roll is formed using a pre-formed fibreglass trim. Various levels of reproduction colours and finishes are available to reproduce the look of lead or oxidised copper.

6. Green Roof Systems  – The Protec membrane provides an ideal waterproofing solution for use in green roof systems as it is flexible enough to easily accommodate structural movements as well as being lightweight and extremely durable. Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. They reduce energy costs by creating natural insulation, they create peaceful retreats and recreational areas, they provide natural habitats for wildlife, and they absorb storm water thereby reducing run-off into overworked sewer systems. In city environments, green roofs improve air quality by absorbing pollutants and by helping to reduce the urban heat island effect. Evaporation from a green roof has also been shown to cool surrounding air temperatures.

Typical Details

Direct Overlays:

Direct Overlays

Thermal Upgrade:

Thermal Upgrade



Roofcoat Plus is a versatile acrylic/polyurethane hybrid overlay system suitable for coating low-pitched sheeted roofs that can be applied to substrates such as asbestos, plastisol coated sheeting and composite metals. It provides a totally waterproof and joint-free membrane.

The Roofcoat Plus system is often used in conjunction with the Elastex System, which is used to waterproof gutters, and the Transglaze system, which is used to waterproof rooflights. Together they create a complete and long-lasting roof refurbishment that is available with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Typical Details

Encapsulating Asbestos

Encapsulating Asbestos


Over-coating Coated Cladding / Sheeting

Overcoating Coated Cladding / Sheeting

Case Study

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Polyroof Products Ltd operates comprehensive and rigorous quality control procedures in
accordance with ISO 9001:2008 The scope of this approval includes the design and installation of roofing systems, the provision of technical support, as well as the appointment and monitoring of installers.

Not only is the manufacture of Polyroof liquid applied roofing systems and accessories quality
approved, but so too is the procurement, storage and supply of all related materials and consumables.



The Polyroof 20-year Guarantee is supported by an insured and independently administered Trust Fund.

For your total security and peace of mind Polyroof Products Limited will indemnify any customer against their liability in respect of the cost of labour and materials incurred in rectifying degeneration of glass fibre roof materials supplied by the Company and installed in accordance with their instructions by an approved contractor.

An Independent Trust administers the Guarantee and therefore protection will continue irrespective of the existence of Polyroof Products Limited. The Trustees have arranged an annually renewable insurance to augment this valuable protection with leading UK insurers.

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